What is Dirtybird CampINN?

Dirtybird CampINN is a hotel takeover meets festival with a unique flavor of music. From drum & bass to hip hop to house to techno and more, the music truly takes center stage at this festival.

This multi-day extravaganza brings the party directly to you as attendees never have to leave the resort property to catch a piece of the action – from top-tier sets and outrageous pool parties to copious amounts of games and endless fun in Florida’s winter sun.

Make a splash at the iconic Birdbath stage, catch a vibe deep in the Lava Lab, or journey into the unknown at Claude's Cove. No matter where you end up, the bumping beats and Dirtybird freaks are sure to keep your vibes high from the moment you arrive.

How do we innovate the festival scene? How do we get down and silly with one another, while spreading a message of love? At Dirtybird CampINN, we fulfill that goal through grand gestures and little deeds of kindness that connect us and unite our global dance community.

We’re all humans, all breathing the same air, living alongside one another. We thank all of our Birdys for making the past Dirtybird CampINNs so special, try to find yourself!

A True Four-Day Hotel Takeover I’ll never miss another CampINN. It was a total blast plus the convenience of being able to go back to your room at any time can’t be beat. @ChrisssieWatkins

Poolside Parties, Indoor Late Night & Sunrise Sets Honestly one of the best festivals I have been too in the last 10 years. Dirtybird did a great job and the hotel atmosphere is honestly such a great combo with this type of crowd/music. @saturdaysage

Claude’s Cove

Claude’s Cove: Home to the craziest events at CampINN, Claude’s Cove has a dedicated lineup of activities for guests to be fully immersed in. Great Revival Bingo, Talent Shows, Twerk Competitions, Claude’s Cove has something for every birdie

Games & Activities

Nothing says Dirtybird like team spirit! Your color team; Gator Gang, Flamingo Fam, and Scuba Squad is your lifeline for the weekend. Your team is your destiny! Use your team spirit power as a group to win the Best Color Team Overall at the end of the weekend. Alongside that, we have numerous surprises that each team will help brainstorm throughout the weekend. Use this to show the competition who’s really the boss around the resort!



  1. If you’re looking to elevate your CampINN experience to the next level to get a more behind-the-scenes experience alongside your favorite artists and fans, upgrade your ticket to VIB! This pass will grant you access to and upgraded bird lounge, which has backstage access to the Bird Bath stage, your own private pool, and a private bar during all daytime events. You will also be able to participate in free activations like complimentary massages, free hair braiding, and even more. Once you get to the resort, we will give you your VIB Welcome bag with essential CampINN goodies! You will also receive FREE Beats & Brunch on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and express entry into all events.

II. Why Upgrade to a VIB Pass?

  1. Get a look into the backstage experience
    1. Get a different perspective on the CampINN experience and go backstage! See what it takes to run a successful festival, as well as hang out with your favorite artists as they enjoy themselves between sets. You never know what shenanigans will come your way backstage!
  1.  Exclusive Amenities
    1. Kick back and let the convenience of a VIB pass take reign, because with a VIB pass, you’ll get exclusive amenities like no other. Take some time to recharge in the bird lounge with a private pool just for you and your VIB crew. Running a little behind to your fav late night set? No worries, your VIB pass will allow you to skip the lines for express entry! And of course, refuel withVideosBeats & Brunch all 3 mornings of CampINN!

III. How to Upgrade To VIB

  1. If you’d like to upgrade your Weekend Party Pass, just simply purchase the VIB upgrade. The VIB Upgrade is per person, not per room. All VIB Upgrade holders must also have a Weekend Party Pass.



FLAMINGO FAM: Introducing FLAMINGO FAM! Led by fearless leader Pam and her trusty sidekick Gram! Flamingo fam is all things fab, fame, and fortune. If you are joining Flamingo Fam make sure you are ready to party like a flockstar! Psychotic. Iconic. FLAMINGO FAM!

GATOR GANG: Introducing… GATOR GANG! Led by Greenz, the Gator Gang is known for getting grimy AF! These gators will chew you up and spit you out . Join the Gator Gang if you got rough skin and sharp teeth!

SCUBA SQUAD: Introducing SCUBA SQUAD! Led by the sexiest scubas in all the sea, Lazer and Pantz! Scuba Squad is always making their presence known with their BIG SCUBA ENERGY. Roll with the Scuba Squad if you wanna go real DEEP!


RENEGADES ON RENEGADES - Everyone loves a pop up party! The mobile DJ booth could appear anywhere at anytime and who knows it might be your favorite set of the weekend!